Wyndham Owner Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Wyndham Owner Login:

Steps to follow to login:

1. Copy the following url to go directly into the Wyndham owner login page and paste it into your browser: https://www.wyndhamvacationresorts.com/ffr/secure/login.do. Press Enter.

2. Enter our user ID into the appropiate text field. Learn more about usernames by clicking on the question mark beside the text field. If not interested, proceed to the next step.

3. Enter your password in the appropiate text field. Learn about Wyndham's rules for passwords by clicking on the question mark beside the aforementioned text field.

4. Check 'Remember my username' only if your internet connection is stable and secure and if you are using your own device. This will facilitate future logins. If your internet connection and device are not secure, ignore the check box and proceed.

5. Click Login. After confirmation of login and after your account's page has been loaded, you are now logged in.

Having trouble logging in? Step by step guide to reset your login credentials:


1. Copy and paste the url above into the appropiate text field. (Ctrl + c to copy, Ctrl + v to paste). Press Enter.

2. Beside the username and password textfields is a column saying 'Login problems?' If you lost your username, click on the Send me my username link. If you lost your password, click on Reset my password. Both links will require you to enter your email addresses affliated with you Wyndham accounts. Check your email after a minute or two.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Alternatively, you can use your email. If you stil have the confirmation e-mail Wyndham sent to you to your email, check the e-mail and follow the links there for futher instructions. Usually your username and password will be sent directly to your email after following the correct process of resetting.

Still having trouble? No problem, just contact Wyndham directly to get help with your Wyndham Owner login process:


1-800-251-8736 within the US and Canada.


Send mail by courier


Owner Care


Wyndham Vacation Resorts 6277 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando, FL 32821


Financial Services


Wyndham Vacation Resorts - Financial Services P.O. Box 98940 Las Vegas, NV 89193-8940


By fax

Owner Care 1-407-370-6328

Financial Services 1-702-304-4217


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